Things to Offer by Alibaba Cloud for Developers and Companies

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People must have been so familiar with the name of Alibaba. Recently, Alibaba has become of the biggest companies with great profits. It has its base in China and know spreads the wings to other countries. At first, this company is famous for its e-commerce, but now Alibaba has many sectors. Well, Alibaba cloud is just one of them. This sector focuses on cloud computing services. As a new comer, it does not make the company weaker than other providers and companies. In fact, Alibaba cloud computing has become one of the rising stars both in China and other countries. There are some great things offered that make this provider grow rapidly.

Alibaba Cloud

Great Things Offered by Alibaba Cloud

It is true that Alibaba becomes a great new comer. It was established on September 2009 and there have been great achievements and developments made by this company. Well, it cannot be separated by its ecosystem of e-commerce. Alibaba has many shares on e-commerce companies in various countries, especially in Asia. With the large ecosystem, it can make great starts and some developments that later can be offered to other developers and companies. Related to server provider, here are some great things to offer.

Large scales of customers

One of great things is about the scale. Although it may be new comers, Alobaba has broad scales of services. International customers and servers are made to provide better performance.

Then, since it is originated from China, Alibaba cloud allows easier accesses for websites that want to set markets and goals in China. As what people now, China has such restriction and regulations that make the websites cannot be accessed. By using this server, the higher chances of access can be obtained.

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Great options for e-commerce

It can be the best environment for e-commerce. Since Alibaba is from e-commerce, it has some great features that bring benefits for those who are going to make online shops or e-commerce. Online transaction and other features are made well to give the great processing.

However, it does not mean the performance is only for sector of e-commerce. In fact, its benchmark is great for all performance aspects. Easy data processing and access of deployment make this good option.

Good security

For servers, security is important aspect and Alibaba cloud really knows this point. That’s why security features are offered to give the safe experiences in managing and developing website. The security features have got many license and certification as a proof that it can prevent any attacks on web and its server.

These points become several good things offered by Alibaba cloud. They are not all of them, but at least it can help people to figure out about this company. Alibaba offers some useful features, so developers or companies can have good quality of server, both in term of performance and security. Moreover, the license and certifications are some proofs to show that this new comers can be one of good choices of server provider, even when it is compared to the older and more established provider.