The Important Things for Oracle Security Best Practices

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Getting Oracle security best practices is probably the main goal of every developer across the world. Managing database security is not an easy thing at all. There are a lot of things to get concerned about when it comes to database administrator, basically. Many things can go wrong so easily and ruin the entire program. However, if you use Oracle, you can at least breathe easier.

Oracle Security

Oracle’s Security and What to Do for Oracle Security Best Practice

Oracle is well-known for its enhanced security. It is considered to be way much secure compared to other database. The security of Oracle is basically involving a lot of essential aspects that may contribute quite well in security process, including OS Level, S/W Level, and many more.

Even when Oracle is prominent for its security, there are still so many things to do to increase the security and get the best practices. Here are some of important things to be done by DBA in order to make the Oracle Database even more secure and finally get the Oracle security best practices.

Do Not Allow Too Many User Privileges

It is always true that you may want to prevent any unwanted things from happening to your database. The cost to prevent is way cheaper than the cost to fix any damage in the future. One of the best preventions that can be done is by restricting the number of users. User privileges are usually common and basically anyone can do anything. By limiting the number of people who can have access to database, they are basically safer from fatal mistakes and other unwanted incidents.

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Upgrade the Software

The first thing that people can do to enhance the security of Oracle is by keeping the Database Software and the Operating System up to date. They have to be upgraded regularly to avoid any errors. In addition, Oracle is well-known for the frequent upgrades. They keep adding more and more features that may be useful for the program you are establishing. You do not want to miss the updates at all because the updates are usually enhancing its security as well.

Use Firewalls to Restrict Network Access

Keeping your entire database server concealed right behind firewalls is always a good idea to enhance the security of Oracle. Firewall is basically very helpful to make sure the access given to server of the database is only leading to the familiar, known routes. It prevents massive data leakage that may endanger your entire database.

Well, those are some of the best things that DBA can do to make sure the Oracle is at its best security level and everything inside it is secured and safe. Creating software and program is something very hard to do, even by professionals. That is why data leakage or fraud has to be avoided and prevented at any costs. Those tips above can make sure that the unwanted scenario does not happen and you can achieve the Oracle security best practices.