Red Hat OpenStack Platform and How Does It Work

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Red Hat offers many kinds of open sources software and license for enterprise. Most of them are Linux-based platforms and software, such as OpenStack. This platform is dedicated to manage large computing system consisting of storage, server, host, and client. Red Hat takes this platform to their product then improves and develops it into the new one that’s compatible for large cloud system. That’s where you get Red Hat OpenStack platform to fulfill most of large organizations.

Red Hat OpenStack

More about Red Hat OpenStack Platform

This platform is installed as cloud system. You can call it as software, system, operating system, or computer itself. OpenStack uses Linux as the core with expanded and upgraded capability. To know more about it, the below list will give a brief introduction and the way this platform works.

What is Red Hat OpenStack Platform?

In general, it is cloud platform for enterprise. You do not need to install it at your own server as Red Hat provides every support. Red Hat OpenStack platform relies on infrastructure service with some features, such as storage, testing environment, application development, data analytics, and data center.

This platform virtualizes hardware that enterprise or industry uses for business. In simple term, it is virtual computer that’s accessed by employees and employers to do their task. This platform is integrated as private network. Any person with access and certificate has authority to utilize it. For example, the project manager who has task to develop new product can create a project account in OpenStack platform then let every team member to contribute. It saves time from unnecessary meeting.

Features on Red Hat OpenStack Platform

As cloud platform, Red Hat OpenStack platform has the main and supporting features. What do you get from this product? The utmost feature is infrastructure as cloud system located in virtual place. The main feature is unified management with complete tools to manage everything. As it mentioned above, this is not separated software from various sources. It is integrated and complete platform to support enterprise activity and business.

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Moreover, you can get certified partner from Red Hat and OpenStack. If you need particular app or software, the partners provide what you need immediately that’s already compatible to OpenStack. The capacity is flexible that means clients can add or reduce based on the recent situation or future planning. If you need more space, OpenStack gives dedicated storage through virtual mode.

How does it work?

The platform starts with relocation process to virtual resources. The organization can contact Red Hat as providers to set up OpenStack platform. After that, client will receive integrated cloud computing that connected directly to private network in the organization. This platform uses different name for specific needs, such as storage, database, virtual machine, etc. During project session, the company allocates specific resources without installing software or purchasing any hardware. Therefore, OpenStack handles the entire computer network and resource in organization.

Red Hat provides services and products for enterprise using open source platform. The company pays not for license, but fixed and scalable version that Ret Hat does. As a result, Red Hat OpenStack platform becomes more compatible for large computing and data management.