Learning More about Openstack Cloud

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As the development of technology, cloud system becomes one of the results. Well, cloud environment makes all things can be connected and accessed easily. For those who are working with websites and applications, cloud system has become the great development to make better servers. Servers can be more stable, and the processing can even run faster. It is no longer determined by the condition of physical computers or servers, but things are like in the cloud where it can be seen from many places easily. Related to this matter, right now, there is OpenStack cloud that becomes one of leading cloud platforms.

Openstack Cloud

Knowing Openstack Cloud and Its System

OpenStack is great for its services in cloud operating system. By using this, cloud environment can be managed easily. The features and performance are great that make it to be one of the best choices when talking about cloud management. Many developers and big companies have trusted OpenStack. In addition, this cloud software uses open source, and this is a great benefit. By using open source platform, modifying the software and all aspects of it can be done easily. Developers can make some adjustments and modifications to make it work as what they expected.

Moreover, OpenStack uses some components or called as project sets. They are provided by the developer to give performance and features as what users need. These are some of the core components.


It is the computing engine working on OpenStack. All computing tasks are handled by this component and this manages the virtual machines used by users of OpenStack.

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This component is for networking. It is in charge for connecting all parts and components of OpenStack cloud, so each of them can communicate effectively. In addition, the performance can be boosted as well.


This is in charge of storage system. The storage system used by OpenStack is quite unique compared to conventional system since this provides identifier to optimize the storage and access of data.


It deals with hard disk, especially the virtual copies of disks. The images can be made into templates in process of making new machines or platforms.


This component is about component of block storage. It provides easier access to locate certain files or data in the storage, so it can be accessed easily and save the processing time. It is necessary in the system of cloud storage.


This component deals with identity services. As its service, it provides the complete lists of users who use and access this cloud software. The component is useful to do mapping of users and accessing the permissions or other things related to existing users of OpenStack cloud.

Based on explanation above, cloud environment and computation can be managed by well by OpenStack. Those components make sure all processes and accesses can be performed well. Moreover, with open source characteristic, the developers and users can optimize the use and function of this software. Therefore, OpenStack cloud can be boosted based on certain projects that they work.