Google Drive vs Amazon S3 Detailed Comparison, The Reference to Choose Storage Providers

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Virtual storage is more important lately. Those who have gadgets may need the virtual or cloud storage to save the important data and make backup of storages. This can be useful in case their devices get problems, so it can be solved as soon as possible. Then, for you who are working with application and website, you will see that the virtual storages are beyond necessary. These become basic requirements, and there are actually many providers of this storage. Google Drive and Amazon S3 are two of the main providers nowadays. To help you in choosing, let’s discuss about Google Drive vs Amazon S3 detailed comparison.

Google Drive vs Amazon S3

Some Points of Google Drive vs Amazon S3 Detailed Comparison

No one denies that these two providers dominate the virtual storage services. They provide many interesting features which are not only for the big companies or industries. Those who are still starting up their effort can also get benefits of these two providers. The comparisons can be good references to choose the suitable one.

Free storage

It may be less useful for big companies or developers, but personal users will need free storage. For your information, both Google Drive and Amazon S3 have free storage to use by users. They only need to register and make account. For the capacity, 5 GB is offered by each of them for free users.

Access for sharing

Then, the next point of Google Drive vs Amazon S3 detailed comparison is about the access for sharing files. In term of sharing, both of them are also quite similar. They give access for data sharing, and it can be accessed from other platforms or third-party apps. However, Google Drive has more access and supports for third-party platforms to access.

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Mobile integration

In this aspect, Google Drive is better than Amazon S3. It is because Google Drive has Android-based devices manufactured by Google. Even, all users of Android device will automatically have access to the Google Drive because it is the default virtual storage.


Talking about compatibility, both of them can work in many devices. Although Google Drive has Android system, the devices can also access Amazon S3. Actually, Amazon S3 can be chosen and used in other platforms, so both of them have good compatibility.

In term of packages, users who use paid services can choose suitable packages for them. Various options are offered, and both of them may have different types of package.

From those points of comparison above, there is no big difference between Google Drive and Amazon S3. However, the better position may be for Google Drive since it has Android devices and the service is used by a lot of users in the world. Moreover, it provides more accessibility. For business, Google Drive is also more popular since it can be suitable for many platforms and third-party apps. Of course, these points of Google Drive vs Amazon S3 detailed comparison are only to give you a reference. The final decision is yours. You are the one to find the most suitable service. It is better to dig deeper to get more references and information.