Comparing HTTPS Services: Let’s Encrypt vs CloudFlare – Reveal the Differences

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Nowadays, HTTPS has been widely used for wide array of websites. It has been clear enough that HTTPS pages are considered more secured compared to only HTTP pages since it equips encryption which prevents third party to steal the transferred data. There are some methods to implement HTTPS, two of which are Let’s Encrypt and Cloudflare. By comparing HTTPS services: Let’s Encrypt vs Cloudflare helps to find the right method that suits you best. Though implementing HTTPS is not easy, many webmasters decide to work with HTTPS for security reasons. If you have the same plan, you better learn more about the two methods below.

Lets Encrypt vs CloudFlare

Comparing HTTPS Services: Let’s Encrypt vs. Cloudflare Functionalities

Actually, there are three services commonly used to implement HTTPS on websites; traditional HTTPS, Let’s Encrypt, and Cloudflare. Since the traditional method is quite common, comparing the second and third services is preferable. What are the differences between Let’s Encrypt and Cloudflare? The followings are several aspects to distinguish the two methods.


When it comes to implementation, Let’s Encrypt is considered much simpler than the traditional one. Though it is not as simple as Cloudflare, the ease of implementation brings advantages for the webmasters. It solves many technical obstacles that are commonly found in traditional implementation, for instance SSL certificate.

Cloudflare is known as the easiest method since you only need to create account and update your DNS record. Update server configuration is not needed; therefore you will not spend time to resolve the configuration issue. Furthermore, HTTPS rewrite can be easily performed directly through dashboard, which means you nearly have nothing to do.

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Another aspect of comparing HTTPS services: Let’s Encrypt vs Cloudflare is the security. Let’s Encrypt provides secure connection between site server and visitor. Therefore, it eliminates possibility of compromised connection. This probably reminds you of traditional HTTPS.

Security seems not the expertise of Cloudflare. Earlier this year, Cloudflare was hacked, resulted on the exposure of user’s sensitive information. Even though the administrators try their best to resolve this problem and tighten security, you need to be aware of this.


Customization is not the best aspect offered by Let’s Encrypt. When it comes to the customization, this HTTPS services offer only Domain Validation certificates. It means you cannot buy certificate to get SSL certificate with green bar. Besides, it does not offer wildcard certificates as well.

Cloudflare is more prominent in customization aspect. This HTTPS service provides additional services such as PageSpeed optimizations. Cloudflare also offers auto-minify HTML, CSS, and JS. Furthermore, it also provides accelerated mobile pages and Rocket loader that offers faster load time for JS.

Yet, Let’s Encrypt and Cloudflare have similarity. Both of them are free, without hidden details. However, Cloudflare also provides advanced features if you wish to make an upgrade. In this case, you need to buy the paid plans.

By comparing HTTPS services: Let’s Encrypt vs Cloudflare helps you to get clear image of which HTTPS service you should choose. After revealing the distinction of each service, which one suits you the most?