Best VPS with DDoS Protection with Ultimate Security Level

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In Internet world, one of top issues is DDoS that refers to denial of service attack. This kind of attack will create huge traffic to server that reduces website or server performance to provide reliable access to the legitimate users. In order to fight this situation, you need the best VPS with DDoS Protection. In general, providers have already installed system or software to prevent this problem. You can find them easily, but knowing the server itself is far more important.

DDoS Protection

Platforms with the Best VPS with DDoS Protection

VPS is computer like the one you own at home, but it’s hosted virtually. You can access it through internet and do many things. Mostly, VPS or virtual private server is for hosting website. Users send request then hosting replies it with sending the data. As the result, you will see homepage and other contents.

Two types of VPS are available in digital world. You can choose Linux and Windows as the main platform. As interesting fact, Linux becomes the most popular one with almost more than 60% users. The rest is Windows as the platform for VPS. Which one is the best VPS with DDoS Protection? Both have pros and cons, but you need to understand the way both platforms work and how to mitigate DDoS situation.

How does DDoS work? This is important thing to know because you have to understand the way attacker send vast traffic to server. In simple process, attackers use computer and control many computers. They might implant malware or virus. With simple command, all infected computers will access the server. It increases traffic significantly and server becomes overload. As the result, website might not be available to access. Legitimate users need to wait until the request is proceed. At the same time, tons of requests are required to complete. Server does not know which one is the real person.

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Linux server uses platform from varied distros, but the same UNIX core. Many hosting rely on Linux due to several benefits. With more than one retailer, you will find that one server is different from others. Therefore, it is impregnable when there is attack using malware or spyware. Moreover, you can keep the cost in low level since the license is open source and free.


Another choice of the best VPS with DDoS Protection is from Windows platform. It is not open source due to license and proprietary software. You need to pay more to get and utilize Windows VPS. One benefit is the support from Microsoft in term of security. Every year, you will receive update to enhance the security level.

Linux seems the best option because it’s not easy to infect from malware and virus. If DDoS happens, administrator can protect automatically. This is similar to Windows, even better when traffic is exceptionally huge. However, Windows might have drawback because security is dependable, though administrator can manage immediately. The key when choosing the best VPS with DDoS Protection is the way administrators protect your server. They know more about mitigation procedure when DDoS comes to them.