Best SSL Certificate Services You Should Use

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Choosing the best SSL certificate services is extremely important for enhancing the security of your website. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It basically helps increasing the connection between servers of a website to browser. SSL has lots of other benefits, including protecting essential information, preventing a website from hackers, and protecting private data. To be able to use SSL, a certificate is needed. Here’s more information about SSL certificate.

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The Top Four Choices of the Best SSL Certificate Services

SSL certificate basically makes your website look more secure to the visitors. It gives the web a visible padlock icon to prove the security. Visitors will know that visiting your website does not contain any risks. To get the certificate, you need to get one from SSL certificate providers, or so called the websites that give SSL certificate service. Here are some of the best providers you can go to.

1. GlobalSign

GlobalSign is the provider that most apps and websites trust. It has been used by many browsers as well. It has advanced technology when it comes to authentication, security features, and encryption. GlobalSign is used by huge household names in IT industry, like Netflix, Microsoft, and BBC. This is why GlobalSign is considerd as one of the best SSL certificate services.

2. GeoTrust

For the second choice, there is GeoTrust. It is a SSL provider used in over 150 nations all over the world. The encryption provided is up to 265 bit and it uses advanced technology to get the maximum security for website. There are three basic plans of GeoTrust that you can choose. It includes the basic plan (cost around $150 a year) and the maximum security plan ($599 per year).

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3. Comodo

Moreover. when it comes to certificate providers of SSL, Comodo is certainly one of them. It is available in many plans, so clients can adjust their budget and business size to the plans. Comodo provides real-time security protection for 24/7 and uses numerous sophisticated technologies. It has encryption up to 256 bit to make sure that a website is secured. The plans available are considered to be very affordable, with only $80 per year.

4. DigiCert

DigiCert is probably one of the best SSL certificate services. It brings a feature that most other providers cannot bring: a lifetime certificate. Yes, using DigiCert means you do not have to renew the plan every year because it lasts forever. However, it also provides basic plans for cheaper price that has to be renewed every year, though. Its plans are also quite affordable, especially for those who own small businesses.

By having your website SSL certified and declared safe, there will be plenty of visitors coming to browse your web every day because they know that the web is secured. Choosing the best providers of SSL certificate is extremely important. Get your website to the best SSL certificate services and surely enough, that website is going to be secured and safe for many people to visit.